Car Painting

Why Would You Paint Your Whole Car?

car paintingOver the years, the natural elements can noticeably “age” the appearance of your vehicle.  Your car surface looks faded, or the paint job is peeling and cracking, making it difficult to wax or shine it up.  More often than not, we see customers who come to us with well kept vehicles who just want to update the color or luster of their “pride & glory”.

If you are planning on selling your automobile, and want to get it sold quicker, then a fresh coat of paint will give you that edge over other vehicles on the market.  You will also be able to demand a much higher price.

At MAACO Hawaii, we offer various painting options to accommodate your budget.  From quality economy to factory-like base coat/clear coat.  Consideration is given to appearance/color effects, maintenance, durability/longevity and cost of value.  We’ll help choose the system that’s right for you.

With more than 10,000 auto paint colors in quality formulations that range from high-grade enamel to single-stage urethane to basecoat/clearcoat urethane, Maaco Hawaii provides the price and quality you want for your car.

How can your Hawaii Maaco body shop do all this for just a fraction of the price of other shops?

We can charge less because we do more auto paint jobs than anyone else. Each Maaco body shop paints many cars every week, which lowers our auto paint and auto body repair cost per car. And no one can match our buying power on materials.

MAACO Paint Packages

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MAACO Auto Painting Chart

Besides auto painting, our Maaco Hawaii technicians are experts at auto body repair work. We fix dents, straighten metal, replace parts, repair dings and eliminate rust.